Getting Noticed Through Corporate Event Entertainment

When trying to find away to get your corporation the perfect entertainment for any of their events, keep in mind your audience. You want to make sure that whatever corporate event entertainment you enlist will draw in a nice crowd and keep everyone laughing until the break of dawn.

Consider this: you can never get enough laughter. It relieves stress, is an excellent way to burn calories, and increases your popularity at least two fold. If you hire a comic as your corporate event entertainment, you’ll ensure that everyone who’s in attendance will leave with a smile on their faces. Keep in mind, however, any corporate event needs corporate event entertainment to give them a boost in popularity. Whatever your choice for amusement, you must make sure that you’re going to get everyone rallying behind your company and their ability to identify what people want and how they want it.

Keep in mind most people are more responsive to those things that are tangible. If they feel that they’re part of the show, they’re most likely going to be eager to get more of the same entertainment the following year. Also be aware of the type of comedian you’re booking. Make sure that the comic’s repertoire fits the atmosphere of your office. If yours is the type of office that can’t stomach anything worse than a PG rating, you’ve got to be sure that you hire a clean comic to keep your employees drawn in.

As regards any sort of corporate event entertainment, you’ve got to be willing to loosen the purse strings in order to get the type of world-class entertainment your clients deserve. When hiring a comedian, don’t be afraid to negotiate, but don’t be stingy. These performers are some of the most underrated, yet they provide the masses with the greatest gift any entertainer could give: that is the invaluable gift of happiness. Most comedians aren’t exactly rolling in dough; however, they have a great deal of ambition and are willing to go out on a limb to provide the crowd the type of laughs they need.

Corporate event entertainment is a slippery slope. You’ve got to keep yourself hip and still seem to have the same class as you had before you decided to try your hand at mass entertainment appeal. It can be as droll or as wild as you’re willing to pay for. If you’re going for the best of both worlds –cost-effectiveness and high office morale– do yourself a favour and hire a comic.

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How to Choose a Home Entertainment Center

You’ve chosen the very best home entertainment equipment. A top of the line television, excellent sound system and all the accessories to make entertaining at home a most enjoyable experience. So give your home theater system an entertainment center that is equivocal to its excellence by selecting something that not only houses your equipment but is a beautiful addition to your living room or den.

But selecting such a piece of furniture can be a trying experience. You want something that provides enough room for your equipment without looking too utilitarian. Fortunately, there are a variety of selections to meet both criteria.

Try something like an Italian Renaissance expandable wall center which captures the Old World richness and elegance of the early Renaissance. An entertainment center that is inspired by Northern Italy and southern France will give some style yet can still be coupled with modern day function.

Or how about a European Chateau TV style unit? Bring European style to the comfort of your living room, den or home office with an entertainment center inspired in design from the hamlets and villages of Europe. Some such pieces boast a crème fraiche finish, popular in the 19th century chateau, yet with a modern flair.

For style a little closer to home try a black liberty expandable entertainment center with features galore and a classic American Federal period style. Whatever style you choose, make sure it has plenty of convenient features like cord storage, room for lighting, drawers and cabinets for media storage.

Also keep in mind ventilation. You should be careful to allow enough room to fit all your equipment while allowing enough room for ventilation so that equipment doesn’t overheat.

Similarly, make sure there is enough room for the entertainment center in your home in reference to your other furniture, like your sofa and coffee tables while still allowing space to walk around.

Taking measurements prior to searching for your entertainment center will help you in narrowing down your options. Once you’ve got your measurements, then you are free to find the style you want.

Make the most of your home theater system by selecting the right fit in home entertainment furniture.

Shelly Cone, owner of Beach Betty Public Relations, writes for eWay Furniture. For more information on selecting a home entertainment center visit

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Outrageous Wedding Reception Entertainment

To truly create a buzz at your wedding, discuss with your partner and wedding planner some unique wedding entertainment ideas. You don’t have to have a ho hum boring wedding. Weddings no longer have to follow a particular format and can incorporate your personality and interests as a couple. By choosing to have wedding reception entertainment that is unique, will have your guests talking and about your wedding day for years to come.

By choosing to have a themed wedding, could allow many options for hiring and selection the wedding entertainment. For example if you have a barn wedding reception, you could have decorations that incorporate haystacks and entertainment which includes, mechanical bull riding, and for the kids some barn yard animals. Perhaps even animal rides and don’t forget the all important line dancing.

Other unique wedding entertainment ideas could be the hiring of photo booth to allow guests to take some candid shots of them-selves throughout the evening. You could also keep copies of all the photos for your wedding album. A caricature artist is another truly unique idea. What better than to have a couples caricature drawn on the night.

Another theme you might consider is a medieval carnival complete with clowns, mimes, jugglers, fire blowers and more. You could also hire a hot air balloon to take your guests up on a magical ride. Imagine the romantic and spectacular photos opportunities you could have with a medieval carnival. Trapeze performers are another authentic touch. How much fun would your guests have at a wedding that has so much to offer in entertainment? Of course, there are many whose budget would not allow for this sort of extravagance. Some of these ideas are best suited for all day affairs to get maximum enjoyment and as to not compromise certain wedding formalities.

For the more traditional bride and groom, you could hire a magician or comedian to entertain in between dance sets and wedding formalities. Don’t be afraid to incorporate a little culture into the wedding. For a Middle Eastern inspired wedding, hire a belly dancer, or for a New Zealand wedding, perhaps you could hire performers to perform the Hakka. A Hawaiian wedding could incorporate a Luau and Hawaiian dancers.

Spicing up your wedding celebrations could be a simple as incorporating an interesting theme for the day. There is no hard and fast rule to say that the wedding entertainment needs to be confined to wedding music and to the stage. The possibilities are endless. Your wedding entertainment can incorporate your interests and you as a couple. Here are just some ideas to get you started, some more outlandish and others more conservative. Be open minded and you could create a truly magical experience for both you and your guests. But whatever you choose do not the most important ingredient. Have fun on the day!

Nariman Taweel is an accomplished Trainer and Entrepreneur. To view more articles on events and event planning visit

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What is an Entertainment Service Worker’s Job Description?

No matter how much an economic crisis the nation may be in there will always be business for the entertainment sector. People in a recession will still want to relieve their stress and normally they find their solace in bars, clubs, casinos or entertainment centers. With this regard, there is no business like the entertainment business. They are and will always be open for business!

The entertainment world is a broad spectrum. There are a lot of job opportunities in the entertainment industry. An entertainment service workers job description could be a lot of things. They principally bank on the talents they have and get compensated for it. Their job positions may or may not require a college degree and often times professional training for their skills is all that will be required.

Take for example gaming service workers. You will find them in casinos or places where gambling is involved. They are responsible for overseeing the smooth flow of operations in gaming centers. They could do surveillance, supervision and investigation during gaming operations. The Gaming Service Worker may also be required to maintain the care of the slot machines, handle money, writing and running tickets, and deal cards or run games.

If you have the talent for singing and dancing, you can be a stage performer. This is a very professional job that may entail being a lounge singer or singing with a band performing before a live audience. It would be an edge to have special training for these talents but being a seasoned singer or dancer can also land you a job in entertainment centers. These kinds of Entertainment Service Workers are compensated depending on the level of skill that they possess. The more popular they get, the higher their pay. Some entertainers are paid either per song or per dance that they perform. Some are hired on a regular basis like on cruise ships which pay them on a retainer basis.

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Company Picnic Entertainment – What You Can Do to Make a One of a Kind Picnic Event

I don’t know a thing about you, but as far as I know, a lot of people get tired of the usual old style company picnics… You know that when people start to get tired of something, they would most probably lose interest and enthusiasm and don’t be surprised if less and less people attend your events. Are you looking for ways on how to improve such events? Company picnic entertainment is the solution to your problem. Maybe you are thinking that company picnic entertainment would be difficult to have. Putting up a company picnic is not as simple as planning just any picnics, right? Objectives are set and plans must work to achieve these goals. But in the process of always considering these factors, fun tends to be put away. In all honesty, let me tell you that putting the fun factor in your company events is not as hard as you think. You would not have to be all so worried about trying to sew together the company’s goals and the enjoyment of the people. There are a lot of available help in the market and there are a variety of options that you could choose from.

Holding picnics provide a lot of benefits for your company, and for its people. These gatherings will foster morale of the company and of the people, show approval and gratitude towards the people and their efforts, and build up teamwork between your employees and even with clients.

Team building activities are common in these events. Through this, interaction among your people will be promoted and teamwork will be reinforced in a fun and exciting way. You could spice up these activities by having game rentals or sports inflatable rentals.

A good way to show your people approval and gratitude towards their works is by letting them have fun with their families and friends. Providing a variety of activities, rides, or even booths will provide that company picnic entertainment that will suite whatever age group or whatever interests.

Having entertainers such as magicians and balloonists are a good way to complement the fun provided by the different activities and rentals you had. These are classic acts that never fail to amuse different types of audiences.

To ensure that your people will definitely have a good time, aside from providing them company picnic entertainment, give freebies and prizes. Go with small items such as dinner and gift certificates, toys for their kids, or even bigger prizes such as plane tickets, appliances, etc. That will definitely put a smile on your employees’ faces.

As you can see, company picnic entertainment can be in different forms… may it be through games, activities, rides, booths, etc. In the end, picnics for your employees or colleagues should be fun… Do not get preoccupied with other corporate matters. Just let everyone have fun.

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