How to Choose a Home Entertainment Center

You’ve chosen the very best home entertainment equipment. A top of the line television, excellent sound system and all the accessories to make entertaining at home a most enjoyable experience. So give your home theater system an entertainment center that is equivocal to its excellence by selecting something that not only houses your equipment but is a beautiful addition to your living room or den.

But selecting such a piece of furniture can be a trying experience. You want something that provides enough room for your equipment without looking too utilitarian. Fortunately, there are a variety of selections to meet both criteria.

Try something like an Italian Renaissance expandable wall center which captures the Old World richness and elegance of the early Renaissance. An entertainment center that is inspired by Northern Italy and southern France will give some style yet can still be coupled with modern day function.

Or how about a European Chateau TV style unit? Bring European style to the comfort of your living room, den or home office with an entertainment center inspired in design from the hamlets and villages of Europe. Some such pieces boast a crème fraiche finish, popular in the 19th century chateau, yet with a modern flair.

For style a little closer to home try a black liberty expandable entertainment center with features galore and a classic American Federal period style. Whatever style you choose, make sure it has plenty of convenient features like cord storage, room for lighting, drawers and cabinets for media storage.

Also keep in mind ventilation. You should be careful to allow enough room to fit all your equipment while allowing enough room for ventilation so that equipment doesn’t overheat.

Similarly, make sure there is enough room for the entertainment center in your home in reference to your other furniture, like your sofa and coffee tables while still allowing space to walk around.

Taking measurements prior to searching for your entertainment center will help you in narrowing down your options. Once you’ve got your measurements, then you are free to find the style you want.

Make the most of your home theater system by selecting the right fit in home entertainment furniture.

Shelly Cone, owner of Beach Betty Public Relations, writes for eWay Furniture. For more information on selecting a home entertainment center visit

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