Attitudes to Sex in Ghana and Vietnam

Ghana and Vietnam are both lower center pay nations endeavoring to raise their GNI per capita to 2,000 dollars. They share numerous attributes in like manner however couple of similitudes are more striking than their mentality to sex. The two nations present a Victorian facade of decency in which sex is rarely referenced, yet endure a flourishing sex exchange and endure a developing issue with explicitly communicated sicknesses.

In the two nations prostitution is illicit, yet a large number of ladies practice this calling with not many restrictions, albeit in Vietnam before 2013, whores were occasionally captured and shipped off amendment communities. Whorehouses are illicit, however the two nations have inns, bars, karaoke lobbies and back rub parlors that are infamous for the exercises they harbor. The ladies of the two nations are prestigious for their magnificence and their administrations are sent out to encompassing nations and a lot further away from home. In 2014, a case became known in which six Vietnamese whores were found in Ghana. As they were the survivors of dealers, they were helped to re-visitation of Vietnam.

Neither one of the countries has an exact figure for the quantity of sex laborers however the official gauge in Vietnam is 20-30,000. Assessing is troublesome in light of the fact that the movement is unlawful as well as on the grounds that the meaning of a whore is indistinct. Notwithstanding the full-time experts, there are different evaluations of low maintenance laborers. Studies show that neediness is an incredible driver and numerous ladies who are jobless or in inadequately paid positions feel that contribution in the sex exchange is the simply route open to them to take care of themselves and their family.

In both Ghana and Vietnam, ladies occupied with the sex exchange attempt to conceal their inclusion from their family and home network. To this end, they regularly function as distant from home as could reasonably be expected. It is said that in Hanoi huge numbers of the ladies working in back rub parlors come from the Mekong Delta in the far south. They labor for a couple of years at that point get back with enough cash to wed and raise a family. In Ghana, a clan in the Eastern Region is notable for sending its young ladies to work in Abidjan in neighboring Ivory Coast.

The two nations offer a selection of administrations with charges going from 5-10 dollars in the city to 100 dollars in the most refined back rub parlors. At the top finish of the market, much accentuation is set on cleanliness and the utilization of condoms, however in the mass market not many safety measures are taken. The two nations object to explicitly communicated sicknesses.

In Vietnam the official number of HIV/AIDS victims in 2013 was 213,000 or about 0.24 percent of the populace. Ghana is more awful off, with an expected 150,000 individuals influenced, about 0.6 percent of its more modest populace. It must be trusted that expanding thriving in the two nations will empower more ladies to maintain a strategic distance from the need to enlarge their livelihoods by entering the sex exchange, and furthermore give better clinical offices to think about its casualties.